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SFG Gutter Services professionals in South Fulton, GA prides ourselves in helping our valued customers keep their gutter system clean and working properly. We understand how important house gutters are to a home and the protection they bring against rain water damage.

Fulton Country, Georgia, has a lot of natural resources. These include pine and hardwood forests, which contribute to the beautiful landscape that we all enjoy when hiking, biking, watching birds, and other outdoor recreational activities. A famous inventor, who built the first Steam Boat in 1807, also lives here. The Chattahoochee River is one of our suppliers for clean drinking water.

South Fulton is home to many educated residents, who live in some beautiful homes. South West Atlanta city has a very busy business districts with lots of nightlife and things to do. If you are interested in coming to live in South Fulton, GA and purchase a home, SFG Gutter Services can do an inspection on your gutters to see if there is any need for gutter repairs and/or preform a through gutter cleaning.


About South Fulton

South Fulton is a city in Fulton County, Georgia, United States in the Atlanta metropolitan area. It was incorporated in 2017 from parts of southwest Fulton County and includes the communities of Red Oak, Cooks Crossing, Stonewall, Fife, Ben Hill, Sandtown, Cliftondale, Ono, Cedar Grove, Boat Rock/Dry Pond, Maude, Lester, Enon, Welcome All, Peters Woods, and part of Campbellton. As of 2020, it had a population of 107,436, making it the state's eighth-largest city in population. Also as of 2020, South Fulton has the highest African-American percentage of any U.S. city over 100,000, surpassing highly African-American cities such as Detroit and Jackson. == History == The 2016 Georgia General Assembly passed bill HB514 to incorporate South Fulton.

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